Blog: Your Opinion in Action: Should a Big Brand Re-Brand?

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What happens after you submit your survey responses? Where do your answers go? How is your opinion used? We want to answer these questions by sharing past examples of how your responses and opinions have influenced clients to make better business decisions. Although confidentiality agreements prevent us from disclosing this particular client’s identity, we’re excited about the story and hope you will be too.

A big brand was feeling redundant in an ever-changing digital world. The brand was thinking that it should reinvent itself from scratch, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the time, money, and effort. The brand turned to us to get our members’ opinions on whether or not its name could be made relevant in today’s digital landscape.

Thanks to your responses, the brand was left with a clear direction for its future. It learned that people had strong emotions about the brand and they didn’t want it to change, saving it a lot of time and money. Discovering how customers felt about this brand was key in determining its future. This brand could have done their research with any company, but it chose us because our community is known for its high quality insights. Our members provide honest and reliable responses and our clients appreciate that. Plus, our researchers carefully select and balance which members receive the survey invite to ensure the insights are representative of a wide range of individuals. We all work together to provide clients with reliable, representative, and valid data.

Your opinion helped a big brand stay relevant and affirm its right to be online! See other ways your opinion is heard by reading more of our articles on the News page.

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