Blog: Is a Survey Panel Right For You?

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Maru Springboard America is professional market research and part of a business with clients who rely on us to deliver insights, so of course recruiting people to take our surveys is important – this is true of all survey companies/websites and research panels. However, before you join, it’s important to understand what’s involved in belonging to a survey panel – panel membership isn’t right for everyone! Let’s dive deeper into the realities of belonging to a research panel to help you decide if this is a good way to spend your time.

Answering online surveys won’t pay all the bills

Can you make money by answering our surveys? Absolutely! That said, it’s important to have realistic expectations about how much you can earn – think of it as more of a ‘bonus’ than a steady and reliable income stream. The amount we pay varies on a per-project basis and is generally driven by how long it will take to answer the survey. Occasionally you may be invited to projects where there is a follow-up activity that pays an additional amount upon completion, but these opportunities are highly sought after by panel members and often only require a few participants.

In short, it takes time and effort to build up enough points to redeem for e-gift cards. Being a Maru Springboard America member will require some patience before you can reap the rewards.

While getting paid is a great perk, there should be other reasons why you want to participate in a survey panel, such as:
• It’s something to do to keep busy
• You want to share your opinions
• You want a glimpse into product development or other insider info
• You like the company and team running the panel
• You enjoy answering surveys!

You may get a lot of emails

We send you an email every time there is a new survey available for you to complete, which means there will be times when we quickly fill up your inbox! This is an unavoidable reality of all survey panels so make sure you’re okay with us contacting you frequently. Check out our 3 Tips for Organizing Your Inbox to help keep things under control as your email volume increases.

You may not qualify all the time

Sometimes we’re looking for a specific group of people to answer certain surveys so there is a chance that you may be disqualified after answering the first few questions. Other times, a survey may reach its maximum number of responses before you can complete it. It’s frustrating, we know, but it is another reality of being a panel member. Don’t worry, there will always be more surveys sent your way!

Pay attention to quality

Reputable survey panels have quality management systems in place and regularly analyze responses to make sure the data are consistent and of good quality. It takes a certain amount of attention and effort to not get caught up in these systems, even by accident. When answering surveys, ensure you are focused on what you’re doing and not rushing through questions. (Our previous blog post How to be the Best Survey Taker contains helpful survey taking tips.) So before joining, make sure you are willing to give enough time and mental energy to Maru Springboard America.

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