Blog: Survey Troubleshooting: Technical Problems vs. Content Problems

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We try to ensure that our surveys are high quality and error-free before we send them out to our members. However, from time to time, a survey may contain a problem that our team wasn’t aware of. If you encounter a problem in one of our surveys, the first step is to determine if it’s technical or content-related.

Technical Problems

You’ll know the problem with the survey is technical if the page or question isn’t loading properly, you can’t move to the next page, you can’t select an answer, etc. If this happens, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try to fix the issue.

1. Refresh the page. You can either go back and restart the survey (it will take you to the question you were at) or press the “refresh” button on your browser. In most cases, this will make the question or page load properly.

2. Ensure your internet browser is up to date or change browsers. You can make sure your browser is up to date by going to its website and downloading the most recent version of the software. If you have more than one browser installed on your computer, you can also try accessing the survey on different browsers. Our surveys are compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

3. Have Adobe Flash installed and up to date. Some surveys require Flash to display questions properly. To make sure you have the most recent version of Flash installed, go to the Adobe Flash website and follow their directions.

4. Check if JavaScript is running. Like Flash, some surveys also require JavaScript to display properly. You can make sure JavaScript is enabled and running in your browser by googling “enable JavaScript” and following the directions.

5. Clear your cache (temporary internet files). Sometimes parts of a website are stored in your computer’s memory and they may end up conflicting with new updates to a website. Clearing this cache will allow new content to display properly on the website. You can google “how to clear your cache” to find instructions for your specific browser.

Content Problems

If the survey is technically running fine, but there’s something wrong with the question itself, then it’s a content problem. Maybe there’s something about the question that doesn’t make sense, part of it seems to be missing, or there’s something you don’t understand and have questions about.

We check our surveys for mistakes or problems before we share them with members, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. Some of our surveys are designed by us and we have direct control over the design and content, while others are written and designed by our clients and partners. If you notice a problem with the content of any survey you receive from us, please let our Support team know so we can notify the survey owner!

Regardless of whether it’s technical or content-related, if you notice a problem with a survey and the above advice doesn’t help, please contact our Support Team. In your message, include the survey code, a brief description of the problem, any steps you took to try to remedy it, and any relevant screenshots (if possible).

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